The wine-collection & wine-list


In the cellar at Hallingstuene we have an own temperature and moist controlled wine-cellar. Today we have approximately 1200 different wine & vintages in our cellar, and in the wine-cellar about 5000 bottles for storing and we are still expanding.

Here should be something for everyone.


Please ask our Sommeliers for recommendations for your menu.

You can find the wine-list at the side menu.


A lot of the wine-collection comes from France, such as Burgundy & Bordeaux. We are lucky to get wines in different vintages from the best producers around the world, and are proud to present them for our guests.


If you would like to have an aperitif in the cellar, or just to see the collection  we would be happy to show you if we have the time.


The last years we have been lucky enough to get an award from the renowned wine-magazine Winespectator.

They are giving awards to restaurant with outstanding wine-lists. These awards can be compared to The Guide Michelin in the world of food.

You can read more about Winespectators Restaurant Awards at


For optimal serving of our cellar wines, we recommend that you order these wines in advance so we can give them the right temperature for serving.




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