Berit and Frodes philosophy

At Hallingstuene restaurant we are mostly serving game dishes with an honest taste. We don’t want to hide the main ingredients taste by adding to much flavor. Clean and good taste in important for us.


Four to five times a year we are changing our a la carte menu due to the season. But after 25 year with Hallingstuene, we can’t change the classic game dishes with creamed sauces, this is what our guests enjoys the most.


Also we are proud to offer traditional dishes from local producers. Among many things we are serving an beautifully smoked meat sausage from Ekte Skåramat, and for the Christmas time we are making our own rack of lamb which we smoke in Hardanger by our Chef Frode Aga.

Some of our specialties is only served on demand and are not listed in our menu.


We are not a gourmet restaurant, but a food & wine-house of good quality.


Berit and Frode with staff hope you will enjoy you meal, and that the visit was to your expectations.









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