Welcome to Reastaurant Hallingstuene

In the middle of the hart of Geilo, in a charming red house at Geilovegen 56 lays Hallingstuene Restaurant.

Owned and managed by the renowned Norwegian television Chef Frode Aga, and with his wife Berit Kongsvik in the front.


The restaurant is furnished like three Halling-cottages, or Hallingstuer as it is called in Norwegian.
With traditional rose-paintings and two open fireplaces and has been here for 25 years.
One of the rooms is functioning like a chamber separèe for those groups who wants to sit by themselves.
The restaurant has place for up to 140 guests and is an a la carte restaurant serving Norwegian dishes
with a modern twist, but also traditional dishes.

In the middle of the restaurant we have a cognac wagon,

which we update all the time.
Our new wine-bar Vinkjelleren is situated in the cellar at Hallingstuene.
You can read about the wine-bar in the side menu.

Do see movie of Hallingstuene Restaurant and Geilo,
please use this link.

We are open in daytime this summer, see opening hours here...

See our lunch menu here...
See our daytime meny here...



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